Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Hate Diabetes!!

Today I am broken!

Today Abbey asked me the question....'why me?'

It's one of those..'I've had enough days!'

most of the time, days are good, but when it's bad it feels like i just want the ground to open up and swallow me.  

I hate Diabetes because my child has to draw blood from her tiny fingers at least 6 times a day EVERYDAY.

I hate Diabetes because my child has to be attached to a machine to keep her alive, all day EVERYDAY.

I hate when I wake up and the first thing I feel is fear, wondering if my child has passed away overnight.

I hate site change days because it causes my child anxiety and pain.

I hate that we have to weigh and measure everything that she eats, all day EVERYDAY.

I hate that we can never be spontanious, I would love to be able to just pick up the keys and leave the house without having to pack the hypo kit, all day, EVERYDAY.

I hate  it when I see blue candles on my facebook, it means someones child has lost their battle with this disease.

I hate diabetes because it has robbed my child of her childhood.  

Truth is....I do not know why we have been given this awful disease, we just have to try to manage it the best way we can for now.