Monday, December 13, 2010

Abbey stayed in hospital for one week and we all got to learn what we had to do to keep her alive....
Her pancreas had basically died - I thought all those sort of things only happen with old age, not to a healthy 9 year old.
On admittance she was very ill, she had ketoacidosis and they had to come and check her on the hour,every hour.
One thing I will always .... remember that made me realise what I really had to deal with was :- On the fourth day in hospital, I asked the nurse if I could take Abbey down to the cafe on the 4th floor, as I was about to go she say's...Havn't you forgotten something like Abbeys hypo kit...'well I was only going down to the next floor ' and the nurse say's "what if the elevator fails and Abbey has a low ...
WOW just got to learn that we can never go anywhere without her hypo kit.
I must admit by the 5th day I was thinking that there was no way I would feel safe enough to take Abbey home...what if something happened.
It's amazing though how a parent can suddenly gain inner strength  because on the 7th day I was well and truley ready to go home.
Our hospital stay was very pleasant considering the circumstances and all the doctors and nurses were so wonderful ...thanks Princess Margaret Hospital

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