Thursday, December 30, 2010

August 2010...pump start day

9:30 AM ..Abbey was given her Medronic "Veo" pump..we had a pretty full induction day and 2 days later we were pumping.
We are definately loving the pump, but I feel the need to let people know that you must be prepared for the commitment that pumping requires.
for example we have to do Bgl readings every 2 to 3 hours and if things are changing  - like going through puberty, growth spurts, exercise, emotional times then you need to do Bgls at 12am and also at
3am . Because there is no long term insulin on board when pumping it is a case of the 'here and now' approach.
The reason for such tight monitoring  is because without long term insulin on board Abbey has a window of about 3 hours before things can take a bad turn...Ketones can start to develop quickly and untreated can lead to coma.
well my first experience with that was when we did a sight change at 8pm ...haha now I know better, it is not a good idea to do site changes at night......more to follow

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